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Llewella Foley

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Llewella Foley
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Yoga has truly helped not only my body, but also my mind. I never expected the positive impact it would have on the way I think and live life. I had no idea yoga would also teach me to do something so simple - breathe.I am a Mummy to 3 wonderful children and began my yoga journey 11 years ago, while I was pregnant with my son. I truly fell in love with yoga while I was living in Florida. I went to indoor and outdoor classes that were held in the park and at the beach.

These really helped me to connect to nature which I had never experienced before.This is where I was inspired to become a yoga teacher. Not only by the wonderful teachers, but also by the people who were in my classes. They would share their stories with me and their reasons for turning to yoga. They made me realise that yoga really does help everyone, no matter your age or ability. We all have different reasons for doing it, at different stages in our lives.

I completed my 200hr YTT while living in Florida with Heartwood Yoga Retreat who were just amazing. It was one of the best things I have ever done and they taught me so much. Not just about yoga, but also about myself. I can honestly say it was like therapy!Yoga has endless benefits and will help to strengthen your body, mind and soul. Believe it or not, you do not have to be flexible. I found that this is a lot of people’s main reason they fear it and are afraid to try it. Yoga actually helps you to become flexible at your own pace.Most importantly, yoga is for EVERYONE!

My classes are relaxed and I like to tell people to not compare themselves to others. We are all different and you just do what feels good for you and your body on that day. My aim is for people to leave feeling calm, focused and balanced.I am looking forward to helping you begin or continue your yoga journey!Namaste

Massage therapy is what I have wanted to do since I was in primary school. We had a book club and instead of wanting a children’s book, I asked my parents to order me the massage techniques book that came with aromatherapy oils.

That’s when my love for massage and wanting to heal people began.

I have now been a qualified massage therapist for over 15 years. My techniques help people with not only physical pain and injuries, but also emotional and mental pain. A lot of people don’t realise that anxiety and depression are some of the main causes of tension we carry in our neck, shoulders and back.

My clients tell me I have ‘healing hands’ and I love nothing more than helping them to feel better in themselves and seeing the difference I make in their everyday lives.


“I am a 55 year woman who has been living with chronic pain for several years, which was confirmed as fibromyalgia about 18 months ago.  I also have chronic asthma which coupled with fibromyalgia makes high impact exercise very difficult, the most I can manage on good day is walking.  The reality is I am always in constant pain, I know there is no magic pill and it is trial and error to find different ways to cope and live a normal life as possible.  

I met Llewella as she is a highly trained massage therapist and provides deep tissue massage which helps with the muscle stiffness and pain.    In conversation, I discovered Llewella has an all-round holistic approach and is an experienced yoga teacher, she  encouraged me to give it a go as a way to take back some control and get my mind in touch with my body.  I had previously tried it via different channels  but I am not very agile or confident and didn’t really take to it, however I took the plunge with Llewella and I am loving it.  I have a weekly 121 yoga session with her, and am taking small steps to integrate some of the learnings into my daily life.  I am only 5 weeks in but look forward to the session and only wish I had met Llewella sooner, it has already helped my mind and is improving my flexibility.  I would highly recommend anyone regardless of age or ability to take the plunge, she has great empathy, and wonderful teaching style and modifies to meet your needs.”