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Dr Malini Ashokkumar

General Practitioner

Dr Malini Ashokkumar
Professional Registration Number:
GMC 7004224
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MRCGP, MRCP, Diploma in Primary Care Management, MBBS



Specialises in:

Management of acute illness

Heath screening – such as diabetes , hypertension and high cholesterol

Life style advise

Advise on management of long term conditions diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol

Women’s health

Common skin conditions Eczema , acne and skin infections

Referral for investigations and specialist


Dr. Malini Ashokkumar is a experienced General Practitioner (GP) with over 7 years

of experience providing comprehensive healthcare services to patients across the

Midlands. With a commitment to delivering high-quality, patient-centered care, Dr.

Malini   Ashokkumar   has   cultivated   a   reputation   for   excellence   in   diagnosing   and

treating   a   wide   range   of   medical   conditions.   She   completed   her  undergraduate

medical training  in 2003  in India, Diploma in  primary care management in  2007,

post-graduation   qualification   from   the   Royal   college   of   Physicians

(MRCP Edinburgh)   in   2012   and   Royal   college   of   General   Practice   (MRCGP,

London) in 2016.

During her training,  She  gained  broad  experience  in General medical  specialities

(Cardiology,   Elderly   care,   Respiratory   and   Rheumatology),   Mental   health   and

Women’s health.

She is deeply passionate about  preventive  medicine  and empowering patients  to

take control of their health. Dr.Ashokkumar is known for her strong communication

skills, and ability to build trusting relationships with patients of all ages. Committed to

staying abreast of the latest advancements in medicine, Dr.Ashokkumar regularly

participates in continuing medical education and professional development activities.

Outside of their clinical work, she enjoys cooking and listening to music