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Dr Camilo Diaz

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Camilo Diaz
Professional Registration Number:
GMC 4684985
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MD. DM. FTTA Dermatology



Specialises in:

General Dermatology

Hair Transplantation

PRP Injections for Hair Loss


A highly experienced consultant in Dermatology and an expert in hair transplant procedures.Taking the decision to consider any type of dermatological or hair transplant procedure is a massive step. You need to be sure that this is the right decision for you, and this begins with finding an expert who has a wealth of knowledge within the field.Dr Diaz’s medical background goes back decades.Beginning in the 1990s, he completed his general medical training with a specialism in dermatology by becoming a registrar in this field. In the year 2000, Dr Diaz gained the Dermatology Specialist Training rotation further enhancing his knowledge and skills in this area.

Dr Diaz is a surgeon who not only has the professional skills, but the personality to ensure he has many satisfied clients who have their expectations exceeded.Dr Diaz’s knowledge and expertise ensure that contemporary practices and procedures are followed resulting in the highest level of satisfaction and results for his clients.In addition to generalised dermatology, Dr Diaz has a particular interest in cosmetic procedures such as Botox and Derma fillers which are deemed non-invasive treatments. His interest and skill has allowed him to complete well over 2,000 types of these procedures making a fundamental difference to the lives of these clients.

Dr Diaz is also qualified to undertake more intricate procedures including skin reconstructions. These procedures have produced fantastic results for very satisfied patients. Dr Diaz has expanded his portfolio of knowledge and procedure in recent years, to include the area of hair restoration surgery.He is the only consultant dermatologist based in the United Kingdom who has travelled to the United States to receive further specialist and comprehensive training, in the company of some of the best surgeons in hair restoration that exist in the world.

Dr Diaz also has a passion for teaching and passing on his knowledge to the next generation of dermatologists and hair surgeons. For this, he undertakes teaching at Birmingham University.