Plastic Surgery

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Congenital – treatments for conditions like cleft lip and palate, facial and ear deformities and craniofacial defects, hypospadias or other genito-urinary anomalies, upper limb anomalies and congenital skin conditions.

Breast surgery – reconstruction following cancer, congenital anomalies, cosmetic breast surgery

Skin – excision and reconstruction or benign and malignant; management of skin cancer metastases in lymph glands and elsewhere

Trauma – reconstructive repair of facial trauma; lower limb trauma including open fractures and burn injury.

Cancer – removal of malignant tumours and benign lesions of skin; breast reconstruction following cancer treatments; treatment of and reconstruction after others, such as sarcoma, “head and neck” cancer, perineal cancers

Hand and upper limb surgery – specialist treatment for a particularly complicated body area where function is vital for quality of life. Dealing with congenital hand abnormalities; repair of injuries to the hand and upper limb and treatment of degenerative hand disease.

Aesthetic surgery – often called “cosmetic surgery” the changing of appearance by choice and not for the treatment of disease. Although not usually available on the NHS, aesthetic surgical principles inform the reconstructive work that plastic surgeons do and so there are important links between reconstructive and aesthetic procedures

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