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Dr Manish Mittal

Consultant Chronic Pain Medicine

Dr Manish Mittal
Professional Registration Number:
GMC 6059350
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Specialises in:

Ultrasound and X ray guided injections for chronic pain

Botox injections for headache

Facial Pain and some headaches

Occipital headache

Shoulder pain

Hip pain

Knee pain

Ankle pain

Chronic Low back pain


Abdominal pain

Peripheral nerve neuralgias (Neuropathic pain)

Local anaesthetic infusion


Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”—Kahlil Gibran.Pain is an unpleasant and emotional experience, but it is not just for the person suffering from it, also for the loved ones. Management of pain helps not just the person but the individuals who love and care for the person in pain.

Treatment for alleviation of pain has been present since the dawn of mankind and has continued to evolve, and my relationship with pain is personal.

I started my pain journey in US at Harvard medical school, where I observed chronic pain management at one of the prestigious hospital in US. I moved to UK to complete my training in anaesthesia and Chronic pain from East midlands school of Anaesthesia. I enhanced my experience further, working for health New Zealand as a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Chronic Pain.

I have been a doctor for 23 years and a chronic pain Consultant since 2019, and I have varied experience in managing various types of chronic pain.

I am an avid learner and keep up to date with the latest in chronic and acute pain. I teach chronic pain procedures at various platforms including NYSORA (New York society of regional anaesthesia) Pro academy and Leicester pain education. I also teach regional anaesthesia at various courses.

My interest inChronic abdominal, Chronic facial pain and peripheral neuropathic conditions, but I am experienced in treating most chronic pain conditions. My philosophy is holistic care, as chronic pain is not unidimensional.

I work with the team at Vesey to provide holistic pain management involving physiotherapist and psychologist, who can help an individual improve their pain and function. Our team at Vesey will provide every individual a personalised experience and plan to improve their well being and help them with their journey in pain management.

I believe in doing what I preach, healthy lifestyle is extremely important in chronic pain management. I am a keen badminton and cricket player and cook at home for my family. I have won various badminton tournaments in UK and New Zealand and still play league level badminton and cricket.

I would take pleasure in being part of your pain journey providing all the help I can to improve your wellbeing.


Dr Manish Mittal