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Dr Anand Nitin Kanani

Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Anand Nitin Kanani
Professional Registration Number:
GMC: 7014633
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Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health



Specialises in:

General Paediatrics

Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Paediatric Blood Testing

Paediatric Vaccinations

Paediatric illness and injury


Dr Kanani is an experienced paediatrician with over 5 years experience as a Consultant. I have extended my role to become a Training Program Director within the School of Paediatrics, West Midlands. Within the private sector, I lead The Vesey's acute paediatric service.

I have a long history of excellence as I was nominated for a regional Janet Anderson prize as a trainee. Within my Consultant career, he has been nominated for a Spirit Award for Research and Innovation (2023) and excellent Educational Supervision (2021).

I am a Consultant General Paediatrician who has subspecialised in acute paediatrics for the last 7 years. Therefore, I have gain specific qualifications and extensive experience in assessing patients with the whole breath of acute issues. For example:

  • fever (which could be new or concerns about repeated infections)
  • abdominal pain (ranging from constipation to diarrhoea and vomiting)
  • infections (ranging from common cold to Scarlet Fever or chest infections)
  • Ear Nose or throat concerns (ranging from recurrent ear infections to a new sore throat)
  • skin concerns (from new rashes to long standing eczema)
  • chest concerns (ranging from an asthma attack to chest pain)

I have also honed and my paediatric blood testing and vaccinations for patients of all ages. Therefore, I also lead the paediatric procedure service at The Vesey. Come and see me to discuss:

  • blood tests (for example, are you worried about poor growth, poor appetite, abdominal pain, anaemia or vitamin D deficiency)
  • vaccination (want to discuss the safety of vaccines or access the chickenpox vaccine)
  • travel vaccination advice
  • Influenza vaccination

As a father of children who have needed admission and ongoing follow up, I understand the compassionate holistic support that is required for the whole family when caring for an unwell child. Therefore, I always work alongside an experienced paediatric trained nurse.