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Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Professional Registration Number:
GMC 4634038
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Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan





Specialises in:

Hand & wrist arthritis and trauma

Minimally invasive surgery for Dupuytren’s disease

Peripheral nerve injury and compression (Carpal Tunnel Surgery)

Wrist and thumb arthroscopy (key hole surgery)

Scaphoid fractures and failed healing

Small joint replacement in the hand and wrist (knuckle replacements)

Elbow conditions

Fractures around the shoulder


Shyam is a dedicated hand surgery consultant working and training others at the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, serving a population of over one million people. He see's complex hand, wrist and elbow problems in my general NHS hand clinics in Solihull and Good Hope Hospital

His expertise are in hand and wrist arthritis including wrist keyhole work. He specialises in soft tissue contractures such as Dupuytren’s disease with an interest in tendon problems, nerve compression and children’s upper limb problems.Mr Shyamalan’s aim is to offer individualised, multi-disciplinary service in the management of hand and wrist conditions. He works with hand therapists and gives due consideration to both surgical and non-surgical options.Mr Shyamalan developed a particular passion for rugby and played for Durham County at school level. Unfortunately, He broke his scaphoid bone (one of the carpal bones on the thumb side of the wrist) which required surgery, and started his love of hand surgery. He is still involved in cricket and squash, although he has stopped full contact rugby as it plays havoc with ones fingers! Mr Shyamalan believes the real secret to his success is his wife and two little girls. In a changing landscape, steering his two girls to a happy life is his main goal and they enjoy many activities together. Love all, serve all.