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Person-centred care

Person-centred care

People and communities are always at the centre of how care is planned and delivered. The health and care needs of people and communities are understood and they are actively involved in planning care that meets these needs. Care, support and treatment is easily accessible, including physical access. People can access care in ways that meet their personal circumstances and protected equality characteristics.

People, those who support them, and staff can easily access information, advice and advocacy. This supports them in managing and understanding their care and treatment. There is partnership working to make sure that care and treatment meets the diverse needs of communities. People are encouraged to give feedback, which is acted on and used to deliver improvements.

Person-centred care

Our Evidence:

Person-centred care

Our aims and values as published on our homepage:

Our aim is to provide an exceptional patient experience, at accessible, convenient appointment times, with clinical experts. We are committed to providing quality care and improving lives. At The Vesey, everyone counts.We treat everyone with compassion, respect and dignity. We value each person as an individual.

We strive for excellence, and that is why we give all patients opportunity to provide feedback through Doctify.

Each patient gets 3 emails with a link to feedback on our service immediately after the appointment, 24 hours later and 7 days later.

Our feedback

For patients unable to leave feedback electronically, we capture feedback within clinic in realtime. We aim to reply to all reviews either positive or sub-optimal.

In addition, periodically we undertake enhanced feedback questionnaires, to understand our successes and challenges, importantly tweaking service delivery accordingly, the results of which are published on our website and discussed at our management meetings.

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Relevant review:

Person-centred care
Our thoughts:

We understand the importance of person centred care, and develop our workforce rota's to ensure patients are seen by the most clinically appropriate healthcare professionals.

In this verified patient review our team showed how they, listened, answered questions, and reassured parents of an unwell child. Importantly our clinicians gave time and attention to get to the bottom of the problem and give the patient the best possible outcome.