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Listening to and involving people

Listening to and involving people

People and communities are always at the centre of how care is planned and delivered. The health and care needs of people and communities are understood and they are actively involved in planning care that meets these needs. Care, support and treatment is easily accessible, including physical access. People can access care in ways that meet their personal circumstances and protected equality characteristics.

People, those who support them, and staff can easily access information, advice and advocacy. This supports them in managing and understanding their care and treatment. There is partnership working to make sure that care and treatment meets the diverse needs of communities. People are encouraged to give feedback, which is acted on and used to deliver improvements.

Listening to and involving people

Our Evidence:

Listening to and involving people

We conduct service audits and involve patients in our service design, here is an example of recent of such a patient survey used to shape our services and the results

ServiceAudit – Evusheld Covid prophylactic treatment. Retrospective survey



Did you feel safe?      

Yes - 100%Response


Were you well informed?    

Yes - 100%Response


Were you well supported?

Yes - 100%Response


Were reasonable adjustments made?      

Yes - 100%Response


Were we effective?  

Yes - 100% Response


Did we offer the treatment you require?

Yes - 100%Response


Were our timescales reasonable?                

Yes - 100%Response


Did the treatment offered make a difference?    

Yes - 98%Response

No – 2%Response


Were we responsive?              

Yes – 9.6/10


How well did our team support you?          

Yes – 9.65/10


Could you engage with our management?              

Yes – 9.65/10


If you had a complaint or problem, was it well dealt with?

Yes – 9.63/10


Did you feel cared for?

Yes - 9.63/10


What did the treatment allow you to do:


·       Allowed us to have our first Christmas with extended family in 2 years

·       I don't know the medical benefits but certainly I felt reassured I'ddone what I could to protect myself

·       Protection from covid for the immune suppressed

·       Made me more confident I had additional protection against COVID

·       Provided additional coverage against Covid

·       It is difficult to state the benefits of Evusheld however, I survivedCovid even though I’m immunosuppressed.

·       Received Evusheld December 2022. Great appointment - all the staff were so lovely. Very efficient booking appt and was very grateful to them!

·       Evusheld vaccination. 6 weeks after having the vaccine, I got covid and it was just like flu. 1st time I got it, I was ventilated for 5 weeks and hospitalised for 4 months. Your service saved my life.

·       Knowing we had antibodies allowed us to engage with family and friends while still taking some precautions

·       I was offered Evusheld. Everyone was kind, understanding and made me comfortable. As an immunosuppressed person I was anxious to attend. Everyone took my needs into consideration by testing, wearing masks, cleaning and social distancing. I was even offered a separate room to wait in but decided on the car. Thank you all for your support and kindness. 5 stars. Will be back when Evusheld 2 becomes available.

·       Provided treatment that should have been provided by NHS. Without it I would have been more vulnerable.

·       Always responded really promptly to my enquiries. Felt I could trust them and felt safe in their hands.

·       The treatment you offered has allowed our family to live a more normal life and my husband to return to work after shielding for 2 years.

·       Yes. The evusheld injections enabled me to feel safer to rejoin society.

·       It was the only way to get something known to work in immunosuppressed people so huge benefit

·       Protection from Covid


How would you change, improve, or alter our services?


·       I'd have liked a proper, signed copy of the permission form and would have liked to have had it attached to my medical record.

·       Better coffee. More aesthetic entrance area

·       No change required

·       Nothing, this was an excellent service, delivered with compassion and care.

·       Can you please provide Evusheld 2 when it is approved.

·       Great as is

·       Run more clinics across the country (I drove for 4 hours!)

·       Move you closer to Manchester!

·       Could we have evusheld 2 as soon as its approved please

·       I'm not sure if you have hepa filters or not but they are a great way tohelp defend against airborne viruses to help keep medics and patients well.

·       No changed needed

·       Zoom appointment didn't work. I had to phone instead.

·       Nothing

·       Nothing. Great service.

·       I attended the pop up clinic in London which was very accessible for me.


How would you recommend services are developed forimmunocompromised patients going forward?


·       Keep wearing masks and giving us plenty of space. Offer more up to date treatment when available

·       Keep up to date with latest drugs or treatments available. Perhaps aemail flyer every 6 months with updates for patients.

·       Eversheld 2 to be available as soon as possible. Covid vaccine available privately for my full time carer

·       Keep masking, using ventilation and HEPA filters everywhere you provide services and keep providing easy access to preventative treatment

·       Tailor services around their needs such as appointments exclusively forthat group providing additional reassurance

·       Would appreciate guidance on nutrition and weight management etc.specifically for this group.

·       Continue as now

·       My experience was very good. Masks worn and everything done carefully.Just waiting on NICE approving evusheld 2…

·       Evushled in NHS

·       Honestly can't see what tge vesey could have done better for us

·       You were very good, I can only think hepa filters would be a greataddition. Or the option to have it outside, might be tricky.

·       More local centres

·       Continue as you are

·       Yes definitely

·       More pop up clinics in different areas. You were very good at maskingand keeping me separate from other clients.

·       Maintain mask wearing. Invest in air filters if you haven't already

·       Private waiting area perhaps


If this treatment was available on the NHS, would you recommend our method/process of delivery?

Yes 100% Response


Please give an overall rating of your experience out of 10



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Listening to and involving people
Our thoughts:

We value patient feedback, that is why we give the opportunity to review our service to all patients. We adapt and adjust our services tailored to feedback to ensure we are responsive.

This cascades into everything we do, and our expectation is we have a team who listen, this verified review highlights how this makes people feel.

From our audits and feedback we have made services that are high quality and patient centered, we have also upgraded the coffee!