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Learning, improvement and innovation

Learning, improvement and innovation

There is an inclusive and positive culture of continuous learning and improvement. This is based on meeting the needs of people who use services and wider communities, and all leaders and staff share this. Leaders proactively support staff and collaborate with partners to deliver care that is safe, integrated, person-centred and sustainable, and to reduce inequalities.

There are effective governance and management systems. Information about risks, performance and outcomes is used effectively to improve care.

Learning, improvement and innovation

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Learning, improvement and innovation

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Learning, improvement and innovation
Our thoughts:

We learn from times when things aren't right. This patient's experience resulted in a change to how we manage clinical room bookings particularly for surgical procedures.

Our team investigated the error, found the root cause and altered the process to ensure this doesn't occur in the future.

As we aspire for excellence it is important to learn from times where things are sub-optimal.