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Our occupational medical service in Birmingham includes;

Professional Boxing Medicals
All Professional boxers, competing over bouts of 4 x 3 minute or 6 x 2 minute duration and above are required to undertake a full medical, as well as blood screening, eye test and an MRI scan annually.
The medical and blood screening is undertaken by a private GP

You will be required to take photo ID to enable the doctor to verify your identity be- fore undertaking the medical and blood screening, as well as the agreed payment.
The eye test is undertaken by our expert optician in house or one of our network of practices
As above - You will be required to take photo ID to enable the optician to verify your identity before undertaking the eye test, as well as payment. The cost of the MRI is additional.

Private Pre-employment Medicals
may be required for a range of roles, both overseas and in the UK. These include medicals for healthcare staff, ex-army personnel, transport industry employees and cruise ship workers.All of our medicals are performed according to the industry requirements to determine suitability for work. They can be valid for work both in the UK and abroad. Subject to satisfactory examination, Certificates of Fitness to Work will be issued.

Taxi Medicals
To work as a taxi or private hire driver you must be medically fit which means meeting the DVLA Group 2 standards.

D4 Medical for HGV, Bus and Minibus Drivers
We can offer complete D4 Medicals that are required for lorry, bus and minibus drivers or anyone requiring a Group 2 DVLA Licence.

Crane Operator Medical
There are a range of roles by which employers will require a medical to ensure fitness to operate machinery such as cranes. This is important for both the health of the employee and the safety of their colleagues and the general public.

Safety Critical Medical
Safety-critical workers (SCW) should not be suffering from medical conditions or undergoing any medical treatment which could lead to a sudden loss of consciousness or incapacity, impairment of awareness, concentration, balance or coordination or significant limitation of mobility.The medicals can include any of the assessments listed under the Pre-employment medicals section. The outcome of which is a Fitness for Work certificate issued to the employee and employer.

Working at Height Medical
If your job involves you working at height, it’s essential that you’re fit and healthy to work. One small mistake at heights can cause a great risk to life and safety for both yourself, your colleagues and the general public. Job roles include: –ScaffoldersRiggersRoof workersAnyone who completes work involving ladders, stepladders, harnesses and elevated working platforms

Occupational Medicals

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