Well Women Blood Testing

Pre-appointment questionnaire

Before your appointment, we’ll ask you to fill in a symptom checker so we can start to personalise your care.

Blood tests or examinations

Package includes the following blood tests:




Cholesterol (total Cholesterol LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, non-HDL cholesterol)

Hormones (Testosterone, Progesterone, LH, FSH, LH to FSH ratio)

Tumour markers (Ca125, CEA, Ca19.9, CA153)

Bone (Calcium)

Ferritin and Transferrin saturation, Folate, B12



Uric acid

BMI (Height and weight)

BP and pulse

Urine dipstick for glucose and general urine analysis

Follow-up appointment

You can book a 15-minute appointment with our nurse for results of the blood test. Alternatively you may upgrade to book a follow-up appointment with consultant gynaecologist Mr Jason Yap for £150

Personalised care plan

After your appointment, you’ll receive a care plan that’s based around your personal needs.

Onward referrals

You may also benefit from an appointment with another specialist, like a physio or counsellor. In this case, your doctor will discuss your options and refer you.

Prescribing medicines

The doctor may suggest medication. If so, they’ll issue a prescription and talk you through it during your consultation.

Optional upgrade:

USS - Transvaginal 15% OFF

Cervical smear/colposcopy 15% OFF

DEXA scan