T-shape 2

Pre-book 8 treatments of the fantastic Tshape 2

The Ultimate Body Treatment

The great thing about T-Shape 2 is that it is bespoke to each individual so you can be sure you are getting the best treatment.

The unique combination of technologies will improve the appearance of your body and help you to achieve the shape you desire

Transform your body with the TShape 2

The combination of Bipolar Radiofrequency and LLLT Laser creates an INTENSE THERMAL HEAT within the connective tissues, including the fibrous septum. This promotes an increase in collagen deposits and cellular metabolism, leading to a considerable localized reduction in volume and skin laxity.

The concomitant function of vacuum suction generates an immediate INCREASE IN BLOOD CIRCULATION and LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, both essential for improving general health.

The automatic rotation and the pressure of the spheres of the new ultra-modern handpiece mesosphere produce a MICRO-VIBRATION that directly reaches the tissues, thus allowing a complete activation of skin and muscle.