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Private clinic in Sutton Coldfield & Birmingham

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Adult, child or athlete? We have experts in the whole cardiovascular system. Our team provide a comprehensive range of diagnostics including ECG, echocardiogram, blood testing and much more; importantly the consultation and interpretation of results is with a Consultant Cardiologist with expertise in either adult or paediatric cardiology. Cardiovascular health is crucial to long life and our team can provide all the expertise to address and concerns. Monday Evenings we run a paediatric cardiology clinic with Dr Tristan Ramcharan, Wednesday Evenings an adult cardiology clinic with Dr Sandeep Basarajavaraiah. These extremely popular and highly respected clinicians are just some of the clinical experts at the heart of The Vesey. Access the care you need, without the wait! #cardiology #cardiologist #privatehealthcare #healthylifestyle