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🌸Menopause occurs when a woman's period stops due to low hormone levels. This usually happens between the ages of 45 and 55. 🌸Perimenopause is when a woman experience symptoms but are still having periods. A woman is not classed as being menopausal until she has not had a period in 12 months. The most common symptoms include; -Mood swings - Hot flushes -Irregular periods -Brain fog Menopause can be managed with medication called hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT can contain the hormone oestrogen and/or progesterone, and is used to replace the body's own levels around the time of menopause. They can be prescribed on their own or as a combined drug. 🌸Here at The Vesey we also have the state-of-the-art laser technology treatment - the Mona Lisa Touch. If you're experiencing these symptoms and want further help, visit us at The Vesey and our specialist GPs and consultant Gynaecologists can discuss this with you for the best possible treatments. 🌸 #menopause #HRT #hormonereplacementtherapy #womenshealth #womenswellnesswednesday #monalisatouch #perimenopausal #over40s