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Providing information

Providing information

People and communities are always at the centre of how care is planned and delivered. The health and care needs of people and communities are understood and they are actively involved in planning care that meets these needs. Care, support and treatment is easily accessible, including physical access. People can access care in ways that meet their personal circumstances and protected equality characteristics.

People, those who support them, and staff can easily access information, advice and advocacy. This supports them in managing and understanding their care and treatment. There is partnership working to make sure that care and treatment meets the diverse needs of communities. People are encouraged to give feedback, which is acted on and used to deliver improvements.

Providing information

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Providing information

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Providing information
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We provide a number of complex and unique treatments in addition to medical and surgical procedures, all of which have risks and benefits.
We pride ourselves on being able to provide information in differing formats, paper/electronic, in different languages as appropriate and having access to word365 interpreter services for patients who require.

By taking the time to support and empower patients with knowledge and information, it helps patients have better outcomes and importantly to make informed decisions.